Meditations in the centre
Meditations in the centre take place on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays
at 7.30 pm

Everyone can participate in Buddhist meditation. It takes about half an hour and does not involve any preparation, knowledge of complicated texts or the wearing of special clothes. All meditation sessions are free of charge and are guided in Polish.

Half an hour before the beginning of the meditation there is always somebody in the centre who can give basic explanations. We are also available after the meditation to answer any questions you may have concerning meditation practice or the foundations of Diamond Way Buddhism.


In Buddhism, meditation means "effortlessly remaining in what is." This state may be brought about by calming and holding the mind, by realizing compassion and wisdom, or by working with the body's energy channels and meditating on Buddha forms of light and energy. The most effective method is the constant identification with one's own Buddha nature, and the experience of always being in a Pure Land, both of which are taught in the Diamond Way. When the oneness of the seer, what is seen, and the act of seeing is unbroken - during and between the times of meditation -the goal of the Great Seal (skt. Mahamudra) is reached.