New center




Project description

The new building is “L” shaped and divided into two principal parts.
On the northern side, the building is single-storied, with a small cellar, the southern part has a two-storied, fully cellared building with an attic. The first wing of the building constitutes the meditation & lecture hall (gompa) designed within one floor, while the other wing accommodates a four-storied social area.

The gompa will take up an area of 180m2 and will be a huge hall, covering the building’s whole northern part. It has been designed to simultaneously accommodate up to 200 people - eager to develop - or alternatively up to 300 people - extremely eager to develop… The height of the hall will be magnified by the impression of open space (up to 8 meters at the highest point) and a large amount of natural light.
The social part of the centre will cover two floors, an attic and the cellars. The first floor will accommodate a library (as well as an office and a reception) and a kitchen with a bar as well as a 108m2 living room which will serve as a cultural, academic and social area.


Land development plan


Our whole plot is located on an area of 1,980 square meters.

There will be two buildings on the plot: our present building, situated in the southern part of the property and the new building, currently under construction, that will be located in the northern and eastern part.
There will be two entrances leading to the centre: one entrance exclusively for pedestrians from Pomorska Street, and another for both motorized vehicles and pedestrians from 18A Wejhera Street.

The main element of the property’s interior will be a paved entry road that will be built in such a way as to meet fire regulation requirements. It will run freely through the plot and finally combine with the entry square made of stone blocks, on which there will be some parapets installed with seating. Due to the aforementioned solution, the road will serve as an internal courtyard and will be a meeting and relaxation space. The path leading to the property from Pomorska Street will be made of granite blocks.

The green: design


The garden will consist of two sections which have been designed differently with regards to the shape of the plot and its architectural character.

The first section, located at the entrance or at the drive, will welcome visitors with its unrestrained character. The plot will be surrounded by a high yew tree hedge, which will enfold the garden like a scarf on three sides and being evergreen, will give a touch of cosiness and an aesthetic background. The main element of the premises’ interior will be a paved road, necessary in order to make it easier for the fire brigade to approach the building. Together with the entrance square the road will be paved with stone. In this way it will also constitute an internal square, available for meeting and relaxation.

Ground floor


One will enter the building through one of two glass doors. A large capacious hall filled with air will give one the impression of open space. There one will find a permanent ‘Introduction to Buddhism’ exhibition, a dharma shop, a library and two sofas, where everybody will have the possibility to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

The glass space in the hall is supposed to serve various purposes. It will be used both as an office, a reading-room, a library and a dharma shop.

While the library and the dharma shop will be located against the back wall, the glass case, being simultaneously one of the walls in the multifunctional room, will house a statue exhibition. The air-conditioned sitting-room, which will comprise an area of 108m2 and include a kitchen and bar, will gather the whole joyful energy of the Gdansk sangha before and after meditation sessions. It will serve both as a projection area for films and direct internet streaming from lectures, as well as an entertainment and party space.



The first floor will be a residential area. Additionally, it will accommodate a common area for intensive work for the benefit of others, as well as a small terrace between the buildings, which will naturally serve as a space for intensive work for the benefit of others in case the weather happens to be too good to stay inside.

There are also plans for eight rooms of different sizes, all of them with en-suite bathrooms. One of the rooms will be adopted as a guest room or an office.
The roof will be slanted, therefore some of the rooms will have two levels. (1,3,4 and 6).



This space will house mezzanine floors for rooms 1, 3, 4 and 6 and additionally one room with adjacent bathroom (7). This will serve as a 40 meter apartment, referred to as the “Lama suite”, designed in a way to be perfectly suitable for a longer stay, for example a book retreat.



The building that includes the gompa will only be partly cellared. This mini cellar will be located under the altar and will serve as a Mahakala room. The stairs will lead down to a small chamber, filled with statues and protective energies.

The cellars in the eastern part of the building will house the centre’s sanitary and technical facilities.
Here will be located:
Toilets and showers  – in reasonable quantity, taking into consideration the number of people that the gompa will accommodate;
Laundry area, with four powerful washing machines;
Drying room;
Administrative space;
Workshop/storage, as there is always a chance something gets broken, repaired and then stored;
Space for bicycles/cellar, used for storing bikes in summertime, and in the winter for warming wine and delicious marmalades;
Server room;
Boiler room;
And last but not least - technical area for the ventilation systems.



The walls of the meditation/lecture hall (gompa) will be covered with natural stone in metal baskets (gabions). The walls of the rest of the building will be coated with white mineral plaster.
As we all value space and lucidity, there will be lots of windows and glass work, including the ceiling. The windows on both the ground and first floors will be furnished with wooden sliding blinds.



As you can imagine, the building of the new centre according to this project is financially quite a demanding undertaking. In order to face this challenge we have attempted applying to various sources of funds. In this case, the generosity shown by members of the Gdansk sangha cannot be overestimated. They consider the project so inspiring that it is for them worth considerable personal sacrifice. Some of our members have made substantial one-off donations, others offer regular support. Some have decided to contribute both their time and skills to construction work, in particular the project’s final phase which will help reduce the budget. And, as we have already experienced not only at the Gdansk centre, the time spent on building the centre is a source of real joy. The relationships we build on such a project are exceptionally deep and meaningful.

The initiators of the actions undertaken at the Gdansk centre have experienced genuine brainstorms and have crossed the limits of their creativity in trying to find new financing sources for the building of our new centre. The results of their efforts sometimes bounce, and can often be amusing, but at other times are also effective. However there is still a long way for us to go. In spite of our persistent egotistical attempts aimed at depriving others of the chance to show their generosity, those opportunities still exist!
Therefore, as polite Englishmen tend to say in such circumstances: Feel free!

Buddyjski Związek Diamentowej Drogi linii Karma Kagyu
Pomorska 41, 80-343 Gdansk

Account for the building of our new Center:
Bank Millennium S.A.
27 1160 2202 0000 0000 3592 0970
IBAN: PL 27 1160 2202 0000 0000 3592 0970
(the address as mentioned above)

Financing of the present centre